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As the former Director of Government Relations and Public Policy for the Chandler Chamber of Commerce, he helped launch the Chamber’s public policy profile state-wide. Brian led the state’s first Autonomous Vehicle Symposium bringing policy makers, industry leaders, and academics together to discuss and highlight this exciting new technology. He helped formulate the Chamber’s national award winning How We Stand legislative agenda, among several other award-winning projects and initiatives. Brian organized Public Policy meetings coordinating and working with Chandler’s and the states leading elected officials from the local to the federal level.


His signature event, Conversations on Criminal Justice has quickly become the states foremost symposium on criminal justice reform, bringing the most influential people in Arizona, in this space, together to discuss solutions to these difficult and complex issues. 


A successful campaign manager and consultant for multiple Chandler City Councilmembers, Brian regularly works with and maintains close relationships with the City of Chandler staff, Mayor, and Council. He regularly attends and monitors city meetings, study sessions, budget and economic development updates, and other city business. 


Brian is an active member of the community and believes strongly in grassroots and community-initiated policy decisions. He communicates regularly with members and leadership of both parties from Legislative Districts 12 & 13. He works closely with and supports our local non-profits as well as our public schools and public safety unions. 


Brian has experience and success in lobbying for business issues and thoughtful and sustainable economic development. He was a major contributor to the adoption of Chandlers Non-Discrimination Ordinance. He is passionate about education, business development, neighborhood issues, public safety, affordable housing, veterans’ issues, environmental issues, criminal justice reform, and of course equity and social justice and has a variety of experience in all areas.


Brian spent over a decade living and working overseas in Central America, Southeast Asia, North Africa and Eastern Europe. He holds a Masters of International Studies from ISCTE University in Lisbon, Portugal, and a Bachelor's in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Current and active member: 

  • City of Chandler, Neighborhood Advisory Committee - appointed

  • East Valley Partnership

  • Chandler Chamber of Commerce - DE&I Committee

  • Chandler, Horizon Rotary

  • Sons of the Legion, Post 35

  • Chandler Business Alliance

  • Former - City of Chandler 2020 Census Committee - appointed

Brian Fox

President of AZ Valley Consulting, Brian Fox, has been a resident of Chandler, Arizona since 2018. Despite being a relative newcomer to the state, his impact on local politics and the community of Chandler has been significant.

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