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Guest Speakers

Kris Mayes

Attorney General

Paul Penzone

Maricopa County Sheriff

Representative Ben Toma

Speaker of the House

Senator Steve Kaiser

Chair of the Finance Committee

Senator Brian Fernandez

Arizona State Senator

Chris Martin

Pioneering Entrepreneur of the AZ Medical Marijuana Industry, Author, & Criminal Justice Reform Advocate

Officer Mike Collins

President, Chandler Law Enforcement Association

Leah Powell

Neighborhood Resources Director, Homeless Navigator

Representative Quang Nguyen

Chair of the Judiciary Committee

Josephine Hallman

Attorney,  Hallman Law Group

Riann Balch

Community Resources Manager, Homeless Navigator

Representative Consuelo Hernandez

Arizona House of Representatives

Ray Young - Moderator

Terros Health

Shana Ellis - Moderator

Executive Director, ASU Action Nexus on Homelessness and Housing

Kevin Wright - Moderator

Director of the Center For Correctional Solutions, ASU School of Criminology & Criminal Justice


Doors Open

Lunch: West Alley BBQ


Avion Center

1733 E. Northrop Blvd.

Chandler, AZ 85286

12:30 PM

Keynote Speaker, Attorney General Kris Mayes


1:00 PM

Mental Health & Criminalization Panel

Experts will discuss how people suffering from mental health, substance abuse, and homelessness are criminalized, how our current justice system systematically targets and punishes these populations, and what policy changes are needed to help.

1:10 PM

Law Enforcement Panel

Experts will discuss how our law enforcement agencies police these vulnerable populations. We will explore how our law enforcement officers are often tasked with policing and arresting people who need treatment rather than jail without proper training and with a lack of resources.

1:55 PM

Chandler's Homeless Navigator Program

Presented by Leah Powell.

2:40 PM

Prison System Panel

Experts will discuss how Arizona prisons house, treat and prepare people with these overlaying issues for release into society. And most importantly, is it working?

3:10 PM

Networking Happy Hour

2 complimentary drinks included with registration fee.

4:00 PM

Conversations On Criminal Justice

An in-depth look at how homelessness, substance abuse, and mental health are criminalized, policed, and handled within Arizona's correctional and re-entry systems.



Avion Center

1733 E. Northrop Blvd.

Chandler, AZ 85286

Our Sponsors

Bronze Sponsorship: $1,500

  • Logo on our supporters page and slideshow during event

  • Logo featured on media and print materials

  • Your print collateral set on each event table

  • Your print collateral featured on sponsorship table at the Happy Hour Networking and information kiosk at event

  • 2 VIP seats to event

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